Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Green Card Saga

We went to the US Consulate in Bern yesterday. We had our I-130 form and all the necessary documents in hand. After are run through the security check, what a challenge with two toddlers, we made it to the desk just in time for our interview! Well, we learned real fast that this is just the beginning. We have a host of paperwork to complete. Which included proof of all police records for every country where Beate has resided for longer than 12 months! Well we have most in hand but the UK has turned out to be a bit of challenge. To there credit, the Metro police have set up a website just for this purpose. Thank you folks!

It also helps to know that in the UK it is not called a police certificate.
"Worth noting that it's not actually a police certificate you're applying for: it's "Subject Access under Section 21 of the Data Protection Act 1998", although even the police eroneously reference section 7 of the 1984 Act. The fee is ten pounds."

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